ElenQ Publishing is a book publishing initiative which goal is to empower people with high quality and accessible material that is published in their own language with a free license.

The project was born from ElenQ Technology’s training service, where we prepare comprehensive course notes for our students. As we realized the notes could be interesting for the public, we decided to create a publishing house to make them available for everyone. In 2020 we launched a crowdfunding campaign and thanks to it we published the first books of the collection.

Today, with the first two books published, printed and sent to their new homes, ElenQ Publishing is another piece of ElenQ Technology that is large enough to deserve its own space.


As ElenQ Technology’s training, the content of ElenQ Publishing is focused on teaching the underlaying concepts of subjects in order to create a solid knowledge basis. The goal is to encourage independent learning.

On the other hand, the books are mainly focused on Free Software due to its educational value and social approach, which is part of the values of ElenQ Technology.


All the books are published under the terms of the CC-BY-SA license and have been published in various formats: paperback, web and an easy to print PDF file, with the goal of making them available for anyone.

Digital versions of the books are available in the list below while the paperback edition can be obtained contacting us.

For those who want to take part in the development, send comments, propose corrections or even create derivative works, having the sources is more than interesting. Each book has a link to its Git repository where raw content, change history, etc. are available.

What is informatics

This document written by Giacomo Tesio and translated and adapted by Ekaitz Zarraga aims to describe what is informatics from its origins and create debate about the ethics around it and the current uses it has. This book serves as opening and statement of purpose of the whole collection because Giacomo's ideas match perfectly the goals of ElenQ Publishing even if they were developed independently.

Programming in Python

Written by Ekaitz Zarraga for his courses, this book is a Python programming manual that also describes general programming theory in an introductory level.


This project’s goal is to make the contents available for everyone, regardless of their resources. That’s why we share the contents online for free and we even allow the printing of the books using our easy-to-print format.

On the other hand, the project needs to be sustainable so we can keep making new books, correcting them, maintaining this website and so on.

This project is funded selling the books, it would die if nobody paid for them.

Those who want and have the resources to do it, can support the project buying physical or digital books.

Even further, its also possible to hire ElenQ Technology for training or as an independent research and development team.

For both things, you can contact us with the contact info you can find here.